“Leave it to the experts”: Computer hardware issues you probably shouldn’t repair by yourself

Some computer repairs are pretty easy and can be done by a beginner. Repairs like hard drive replacements on most Windows laptops don’t require many tools or a high skill level to complete. These kinds of computer repairs are the kind that we encourage a lot of computer users to do, as they won’t take you too long and can save you money.

Repairs that need a lot of specific tools and parts are a little bit more complicated. Some might even require a high skill level in computer repair. Professional technicians can take better care of your common computer hardware issues. That’s because repair techs have all the tools needed at the ready, and work in a safe and organized environment.

If you’re looking to get into computer repair, pc hardware problem detection, or even PC building, getting a sturdy set of tools would be a great investment. Take a look at a few guides on sites like ifixit to learn more about tech repair while you’re at it. But if you’re not looking to continue in computer hardware troubleshooting and repairing all by yourself, you probably don’t need to buy all the tools just for one repair project. It might not be worth it for a single repair project.

For complicated repairs that call for specific tools, we recommend just bringing them to a professional, especially if the situation involved computer hardware related issues and solutions. Let’s take a look and the kinds of computer hardware issues that you probably shouldn’t try to resolve by yourself.

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1. Faulty laptop battery replacement

First off, laptop batteries are considered hazardous products and should only be handled by professionals. Faulty batteries can expand and leak poisonous liquid or gas. As experienced technicians, we’ve seen a fair share of batteries spontaneously getting very hot and catching on fire while replacing them. There’s also a chance that a faulty battery can fry the motherboard.

There’s also a chance of accidentally breaking other parts of the laptop while disassembling the laptop. This is especially for slim Ultrabook models. The battery packs are a lot slimmer and the parts of the laptop are tightly compressed together. This makes it harder to repair, when you have to be so careful in case you break something.

2. Motherboard failure

Motherboard, or logic board

Motherboard issues are, to say the least, difficult to deal with. They are both hard to diagnose and repair. This is because the motherboard as a circuit board, has no direct way to test for faults. It has to be confirmed by testing for and eliminating other possible hardware faults in parts like the hard drive, RAM, or video card. This can take a while if your computer is completely dead and you need to take the parts out to test them.

Another thing is that when you need to get your motherboard fixed, you’ll usually need to replace the whole thing. This requires you to almost completely disassemble everything on your computer. The motherboard is the main circuit board of the computer, where everything is connected to each other. As you have to disconnect everything and put them back together, the process is very tough, even for an experienced technician.

One thing that some computer repair technicians do for dead motherboards is a component-level repair. This is a repair process that replaces small parts of the motherboard, instead of the whole board. Because of its high difficulty, only certain computer repair services offer such repairs.

3. MacBook and Ultrabook keyboard replacement

Backlit keyboard light up

A lot of MacBook and Ultrabook models feature slim and portable designs that are great for working on the go. This however, comes with the cost of lowered repairability. There’s a higher risk of accidentally breaking something while disassembling the laptop to get to the keyboard.

Apple MacBook laptops are also often made with Apple’s proprietary pentalobe screws. This requires specific tools. If you already have a set of regular computer screwdrivers, they won’t cut it. You’ll need the tools specifically for Apple computers.

4. Laptop screens

Macbook laptop screen

A lot of modern laptop screens, especially Ultrabooks, are made slimmer and slimmer to match the whole sleek look of the device. As we can expect with these delicate and slim parts, they are quite fragile even when they are brand new.

The trend with modern laptop screens is using glue and double-sided tape to put things together, rather than screws. Without an accessible way to disassemble the laptop’s screen, you’ll need tools like an opening pick and a heat pad to remove the glue.

Like most laptop repairs, you’ll also need to disconnect the battery when you’re replacing the laptop screen. This is for your own safety and to eliminate the chance of blowing the motherboard. The extra tools and effort you need to put into fixing the screen isn’t quite worth it for a DIY project.

5. Most iMac repairs

iMac desktop computers are all-in-one computers. There’s no separate tower, everything’s just inside the whole thing. That makes repairs a little bit complicated, when you have to open up the entire screen to get to anything. It’s especially complicated when some parts are assembled under the logic board. RAM repairs or upgrades fall under this shortcoming, as the RAM is only accessible under the logic board.

To get under the screen of an iMac, you’ll need the specific opening pick and suction cup tools, then the double-sided tape designed only for iMacs to put it back together. This tape is pretty hard to find online, so you might want to get help through a repair technician.

Hard drive repair

So that’s 5 computer hardware issues that you probably should leave up to the experts. We’re not just advising you as repair techs who offer a service, but also as repair techs who understand the difficulty of certain issues. Indeed, pc hardware maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair is no joke!

A lot of times we get clients with computers displaying pc hardware failure symptoms, causing them to try and fix the problem all by themselves, but made the situation even worse. Understanding what you can do and what you should do with these repairs are very important. When accidents happen during a DIY repair project, they can often make things even harder to fix. There are a few common mistakes that amateur home repairers make while trying to fix a problem on their computer.

We’re always here to help. As a highly-rated computer repair service in Sydney, we can help you diagnose and repair any computer issue. From Apple Macbooks to laptops and desktop PCs, we’re experts in the field. Our friendly repair technicians can also offer advice on computer upgrades, virus removal, and more. Give us a call at 1800 85 83 82 or come on down to our Inner West store today!