Safemode helps launch Beyond CMS – The Next Generation of SEO Saas Web App

Beyond CMS is the next generation of SEO services powered by SaaS, tailored for Australian service providers.

Beyond CMS helps service providers grow their online presence, drive more leads and sales through search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing. The company leverages software and automation to create better content at scale to help service providers to rank high on Google.

Creating content for locations that you service

As Google searches have evolved over the years, their search algorithm has got really smart. Yellow Pages print is no more than a monitor riser, web directories like Yahoo are dead, searchers have now turned to Google to look for local services by searching for services in their city, or using “near me” in their searches, eg. “car repairs Sydney”, “plumbers in Liverpool”, or “mechanics near me”. Supporting local businesses is also giving support to local communities.

If you are a service provider, do not let your customers (and Google) have to guess where you provide services. Because, more often than not, searchers won’t call you to ask “Do you provide services to Liverpool?” The searchers will just call your competitors who say that they service Liverpool.

Local service providers need to tell potential customers that they can provide services to the locations. A good way to do so is to mention that on their website to tell potential customers so (and to tell Google).

This often means creating a web page for “mechanics in Sydney”, or “car repairs in Blacktown” and so on.

However, there are hundreds of cities in Sydney NSW, let alone Australia. Creating content for every city, and optimizing the content for SEO will take a significant amount of time and requires in-depth technical SEO knowledge. Most service providers do not have the necessary SEO skills or the time to do this.

Creating content for every service that you provide

If you provide a particular service, say, battery replacement for cars, you need to tell your potential customers so. Your customers won’t be able to guess what services you provide, and Google can’t either.

Thus, it’s necessary to create content to mention what services you provide. You can have one page that includes all services that you provide, but it won’t be enough to rank well. This is because you cannot thoroughly cover all services in detail in one page (technically you can, but your page will be too long for customers to digest, and no one wants to read a 20-page long text to find out that you can replace his/her car battery).

Thus, you’ll need to create a page for each service that you provide. This is a lot of content to cover and it’ll take a large chunk of your time.

Creating content for brands, models of products that you service

Say you’re a car repairer, it is common that your customers will ask “Do you fix BMW cars?”. Almost every customer will want to know if you service a particular brand, or model of a product that they own. And again, you don’t want your customers and Google to guess what you do.

Thus, it’s necessary to explicitly mention on your website that you service certain brands and models of products. This helps searchers find what they need without having to ask you. And it will also help Google direct searchers to the page where it says you service a particular product brand or model.

Beyond CMS makes it easier to create the content

Creating content to cover all of the above topics and making sure the content is well-optimized for SEO is extremely time-consuming and beyond the knowledge of service providers. The majority of service providers are experts within their industry but they are not tech or digital marketing savvy.

Ranking high on Google also requires a great dedication of time and energy to content marketing. This takes away the time from running your business and looking after customers.

This is where Beyond CMS comes in. Beyond CMS creates SEO app that helps to create content that is pre-optimized for SEO. The content is pre-arranged in a topic cluster model with inner-linking structure that makes it easier for Google to crawl and for searchers to follow through.

Beyond CMS also takes page experience, page speed, and other factors in mind when designing websites.

Most web design platforms like WordPress or Wix will help you design websites with ease by using drag-and-drop features, but it’s no use if your beautiful website is not known in Google searches.

After creating a beautiful website, you will have to find ways to market it to potential customers on the Internet. This means doing SEO for your website if you know how to do SEO. Or, you can hire an SEO agency to do SEO for you. Sometimes, the website you had built previously needs to be rebuilt completely by the SEO agency because of platform differences.

Beyond CMS comes with built-in SEO features

Beyond CMS has built-in SEO features that help you build websites and make your website visible in Google searches at the same time. Service providers simply create content as recommended by Beyond CMS, or use their SEO services and their team will create the content.

The content will automatically be arranged in a way that Google and searchers can find. Pages are created with proven SEO templates to make sure it covers all cities, brands, and models that you service. By creating thorough content, you’ll have better chances of ranking high on Google and your customers can find you.

Having thorough content by no means will guarantee that you’ll rank in the top spots on Google. Because there are many external factors that affect rankings: your business reputation such as reviews, competition within your industry, how old your website is, etc. But the same goes for any traditional SEO agencies. No SEO agencies can guarantee that you’ll rank #1 on Google.

Content is King

The famous quote “Content is King” by Bill Gates is well known. Having thorough, good content is a must for your website to rank well in searches. Without content, you simply cannot rank well. A website with 5 pages of content will have a lower chance of competing with other sites that have 100s of pages. I’m not saying this is impossible, but it is difficult to compete in rankings with only a handful of pages, especially for service businesses.

Having a good amount of content that is thorough and well-optimized for SEO will be a good starting point. Beyond CMS helps you do just that.