Server Installation and Support

So you need a server for your business?

Are you looking for experienced IT professionals who can help you with efficient server client network systems? Do you require a simple main computer, or a file Server, or an email exchange server, or a MYOB server? If your answer is Yes for any of these, Safemode can help!

Over the past years, we have helped a number of business clients to plan, design and implement server client network systems, improving business efficiency and data security. We supply and install custom built servers or branded servers (Dell, HP, IBM, etc), whichever we believe is the best for your company. We have been helping our clients to build sophisticated, cost-effective server client solutions. Have one of our consultants visit your office, discuss with you in person to understand your requirements and expectations. We will then be able to provide you with customised solutions that work for you.

Today’s companies are seeing record growth through the Internet and great technology. To make the most of these opportunities, companies like yours understand they must transform their enterprises via new technology. However, choosing and implementing the right solution that can deliver the functionality, flexibility and scalability you need can be challenging. That’s why you need experienced IT Professionals who can identify your needs and requirements and provide you with practical solutions.

Let us help you

  • Set up a simple, cost-effective main computer for small businesses with minimal requirements
  • Set up a file server to hold your important business data
  • Configure file sharing across your network. Set up network folders
  • Customise file sharing access. Grant access to certain users and deny access to certain users
  • Set up network printers, connect to servers and client computers
  • Set up Networked Attached Storage (NAS) server. Configure RAID for data redundancy (optional)
  • Setup, installation and support for both Windows and Mac servers
  • Protect your server from data loss using RAID technology, helping to secure data from hard drive failure
  • Set up file server, DNS server, DHCP server, email exchange server
  • Centralized data: Resources and data security are centralized and controlled through the server
  • Accessibility: Server can be accessed offsite from both Windows and Mac computers

  • Improve network efficiency and productivity: your network will be faster as data and resources are handled by a dedicated powerful machine
  • Backup: as all data is stored centrally, it is easier to setup and maintain data backup. Multiple backup, rotating backup, offsite backup options are available
  • Minimal downtime: when a client computer needs to be serviced, simply change to another client computer, log in as usual with your username and password, your files and emails are there
  • Support and management: as the server controls the majority of settings on the network, the job of support is far easier as the main element of support is provided to the server and not individual machines. Global changes are easy to make from one location

Contact us today for an obligation-free appointment to identify what you need, and get a server solution that suits you best!

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