The plan that gives you a peace of mind

Our home computer plan gives you access to a wide range of benefits when you need most. From answering simple questions to removing major viruses, we are here to help online, over the phone, offsite troubleshooting and at our store.

Every now and then you just need answers to some simple tech questions, or you just need help with a simple computer problem. Wouldn’t it be nice that you can always ask a computer expert for the answers, for FREE? or maybe your computer just got a major virus and you need to get ride of it without paying a big bill? If these sound good to you, read below to find out more about all the benefits that you will get by signing up with our Home Tech Support Plan.

You’ll get all of these benefits

  • Unlimited virus removals
  • Unlimited computer tune-ups
  • Unlimited troubleshooting for personal email accounts with major email providers: Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Telstra Bigpond, Optus.

  • Labour to replace computer battery once per 12 month period. (Cost for new battery is not included)
  • Unlimited device installation such as printers. Does not include device unpacking and physical setup of devices.
  • Unlimited operating system installation
  • Unlimited hardware peripherals and software installation. Does not include hardware device unpacking and physical setup of devices

* Services are provided remotely via TeamViewer software, or by bringing computer to our store. Onsite support is not included. Customer is responsible for backing up data (including existing emails) prior to obtaining services. Terms and conditions apply. 

Home Tech Support Plan

  • Cover for 1 computer
  • 12 month contract
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