Should I repair or replace my computer?

As computer repair technicians, we’ve certainly been asked “Is my computer worth fixing, or should I just buy a new one?” many times. When it comes to "Repairs VS Replace", some think you should repair while others think you should replace. So what’s my answer to the inevitable question? Most of the times, my answer is "you should repair

How to fix HP computer boot up failure issue

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is an American multinational company that has been making computers, laptops and other electronic for 80+ years. Their computers are great. Some are well built and reliable. But, they are not immune to breakdowns. Here’s how to repair a HP laptop or desktop computer that won’t boot up. Causes of computer failure to boot up A single

10 Computer myths debunked: common misconceptions about computer repair

Just like urban legends, there are a few common misconceptions about computer repair that a lot of people believe. Because of how they’ve been talked about so much, people do start to believe them. However, some of these are not true. Oftentimes believing in these myths can lead to misdiagnosis or improper treatment of computer issues. They could make more

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