hard drive repair

Computer future-proofing explained: Why future-proofing is so popular

What is futureproofing? Future-proofing is a design process used in many sectors such as medical, industrial design, and electronics industries. These design principles are used by anticipating the future to develop products or strategies that continue to be valuable in the future. This prevents the product from becoming obsolete in the distant future. In terms

Startup repair not working: How to fix boot up issue

Your laptop or desktop computer has built-in mechanisms to test and fix itself as much as it can. This includes data repairs or software updates. It is a very smart machine, after all. When you’re having problems with booting up your computer, startup repair is one of the options you can do to solve them.

How to fix “No bootable device” hard drive error

When you’ve had your computer for a while, certain signs of failures will start showing. This sometimes means that parts will need to be repaired or replaced. Things like sudden app crashes or getting the “blue screen of death” can mean that you’ll need to start looking into repairing your device. Hard drive failure is

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