Computer future-proofing explained: Why future-proofing is so popular

What is futureproofing? Future-proofing is a design process used in many sectors such as medical, industrial design, and electronics industries. These design principles are used by anticipating the future to develop products or strategies that continue to be valuable in the future. This prevents the product from becoming obsolete in the distant future. In terms of computer technology, future-proofing means

Laptop battery repairs

Does your laptop battery only last a few minutes? Or does your laptop immediately turn off when the charger is disconnected? We can help. There is a chance that your laptop needs a new battery. I'll explain to you how to work out if your laptop battery is faulty and if it needs to be replaced. About Safemode Computer

How to prevent laptop overheating: 3 steps to protect your laptop

When you feel the bottom of your laptop getting quite warm for long periods of time, it might be a sign that your laptop is overheating. Laptops do warm up from the heat generated by the processors, but that heat is usually dispersed quickly by its internal cooling system. This system is made up of the heat sink and fans.

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