Laptop battery repairs

Does your laptop battery only last a few minutes? Or does your laptop immediately turn off when the charger is disconnected? We can help. There is a chance that your laptop needs a new battery. I'll explain to you how to work out if your laptop battery is faulty and if it needs to be replaced. About Safemode Computer

Don’t flood your head with laptop liquid spill repair hacks

Simple accidents can sometimes cause big problems. Liquid damage can kill your laptop quickly, so you’ll need to act fast to protect it. Whether you’ve spilled your coffee over it, or you’ve left it in the bathroom during a hot shower, liquid damage needs to be dealt with immediately and carefully. Electronics are extremely prone to liquid damage, even those

5 Easy steps to test and repair a Dell computer hard drive

As a leading manufacturer of computer hardware, Dell has definitely made a name for themselves in the computer electronics world. They have and continue to make many lines of personal and business desktop computers and laptops. These include Inspiron, Vostro and XPS, just to name a few. A common issue that Dell laptop users come across is hard drive failure.

Top 8 hard drive issues and how to fix them yourself

The hard drive is undeniably a very important part of your computer. As the main storage device, it contains your files, installed software, and your operating system. It plays a large part in managing processes within your computing experience. Running into problems with hard drives also happens to be the most common issue for laptop users. Understandably, these problems can

A Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Hard Drive to an SSD

So you’ve had your computer for a while and it seems to be running slower than you’d like. Or you’re looking for something to boost its performance. Want a quick and practical way to upgrading your computer? Then upgrading your hard drive (HDD) to a solid-state drive (SSD) might be something to consider. As a quick and cost-effective upgrade,

HP Pavilion DV6-3000 Laptop Repairs – Bottom Case Replacement

  This HP Pavilion DV6 laptop has been over-heating and recently has broken its bottom casing at the left hand side. Due to the damage, the laptop lid can no longer close. How To Repair Your Laptop Since the bottom casing is broken, we will need to replace it. This bottom casing is underneath the laptop's motherboard, fan, heatsink, screen and everything else so

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