Send us your old computer, laptop, Apple Mac for reuse or recycling. If it has monetary value, we’ll send you the money. If not, we can recycle it responsibly for you

Have a broken computer that you don’t want to fix?

We always do our best to fix your computers at the lowest price possible, but sometimes you may prefer investing in a new computer, or your old computer might be simply not fixable.

Now, we are able to offer you a way to “trade-in” any of your older computers, notebooks, Apple Mac, and in exchange get a credit towards your new computer purchased from us, or we can simply send you the money.

Please do not throw away your older technology products in the trash. Help keep the environment clean and avoid adding any “e-waste” to the landfills across the country. Your old electronic equipment may still have useful components that might be helpful for other customers. If it doesn’t qualify for reuse, we’ll recycle it responsibly for you.

Generally we pay $0 – $100 for trade-in of broken computers for spare parts, subject to inspection in our store. No formal trade-in offer will be made without first inspection of the computer. We never guarantee that we will buy your broken device without seeing it.

Make sure there is no valuable data in your device before trading in. All data in the device will be destroyed if it’s easy to do so. However, it’s not always possible to do this.

Sell it to us and get $$$

Here’s how to start trading in:

  1. Tell us about your device and any known issues with it that you are aware of
    Only desktop computers, laptops, Apple Mac (including iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Pro) can be traded in. It is best to bring the device in (with any power adaptors), or you can tell us in an email or phone call.
    Note that we do not trade-in Microsoft Surfaces.
  2. Get your estimate and send us your device
    We’ll let you know an estimated value based on what you have told us. If you would like to proceed with the trade-in, bring your device to our store or send us by post or courier for further assessment. Please note that the estimated value may vary depending on condition of the device.
  3. Receive your credit or money for the traded-in item
    Once we have examined your device, we’ll contact you via email to confirm the trade-in terms and conditions and the value of the device. After you have agreed, we’ll arrange the credit or transfer money into your bank account.