First we would like to apologise for the inconvenience. Though we have done thousands of repairs all on our own, not every repair is perfect and errors could happen for different reasons. We assure that we will do our best to fix it again for free of charge if it is covered our warranty.

Q. My computer is having the same problem, can I bring it back for warranty repairs?

A. Yes. You can return the computer to us for a warranty repairs. The process is similar to when you brought it in for services the first time. Our technicians will first diagnose the problem and determine the cause of the issue. If the problem is a reoccurring of the original problem or related to the previous repairs and covered by our warranty, it will be repaired again for free of charge. We would do our best to fix the problem for good. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Q. Why is my computer having the same problem?

A. There could be different reasons. It might be that our initial diagnostic was insufficient and did not find out all faults in the computer, or the computer may have more than one issues, or the replacement part has gone faulty, or the computer problem is so intermittent that it did not happen in our workshop but reoccurred at your place; or human mistakes during the initial repairs.

Some computer problems appear to be the same but might in facts have different causes. For example, if a computer powers on with a blank screen, the causes could be a faulty RAM, or faulty GPU, or faulty motherboard, or faulty CPU, or faulty PSU; if a computer does not power on at all, it could be a faulty PSU, or a faulty motherboard; if a computer is slow and unstable, it could be a virus infection, or the hard drive might be faulty. We have tools and spare parts to test most computer parts, but not for every part unfortunately. The testing tools are not always 100% accurate and generally should be used as advisory only. The process of diagnosing a computer problem is more difficult when the problem is not happening often enough (i.e. only happen once every few hours or a few days). In a warranty repairs, our senior technicians may get involved to make sure the repairs is completed better.

Q. What is the process of a warranty repairs?

A. It is similar to the first repairs but it may need more time because our technicians will need extra time to make sure the job is done right. If a replacement part is faulty, we will issue an advanced replacement if a replacement part is in stock, or it can be ordered in from our suppliers.

Q. Can I get free pickup for a warranty repair?

A. No. Please bring the computer to our store or arrange your own postage to send the computer to us. We will be responsible for returning the computer to you at our own expense after the warranty repairs is completed. Our Free Pickup Free Delivery promotion comes with terms and conditions that do not allow free pickup for a warranty repair job.